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Set Permission


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  • Christof

    Hi Nicole

    Permissions on items and folders can be set by the SharePoint REST API performed as HTTP Request Actions in the Triggered Actions.
    Check out this article: Set single item permissions using skybow Triggered Actions

    For the call you need to know the ID of the item/folder you want to set the permission on, the user's ID you want set the permission for, and the roleDefId for i.e. "Lesen"/"Bearbeiten"/etc. This Id can be read out manually from the SP or dynamically read by some previous actions:

    var response = [[@Actions.Send_HTTP_request_Get_Role_Definitions.ResponseBody]].value;
    var id = 0;
       if(res.Name == 'Bearbeiten'){
          id = res.Id;
    return id;

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