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  • Christof Nussbaumer

    Hi Detlev,

    not directly by this adaptive cards concept in the email, but you can generate your own "Approve" and "Decline" link for emails.

    Just create a separate form on the list for that purpose (i.e. an ApproveProcess.aspx and a DeclineProcess.aspx) which contains Form Load Actions executing when the form is opened - send this URLs to this forms in the email and user will get a direct approval/decline when pressing the link in the email.

    If you want the user to put in some required fields (i.e. a comment when decline) just add these fields as required on this specific form and set the actions on "Save" button in Command Bar instead of Form Load Actions.

    You can find a similar approach in the "Leave Request" solution template in Solution Studio.



  • Detlev Schümann

    Thank you for your feedback, Christof.

    And do you have plans to support the adaptive cards concept?


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