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Automatically set edit rights for list entries



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  • Christof

    Hi Detlev

    You can configure this case by HTTP Request Actions which calls the SharePoint REST API in the Triggered Actions to set the described permissions.
    Check out this article: Set single item permissions using skybow Triggered Actions

    For your case create an additional PeoplePicker field named "use for security" which you can loop over to get each person's Id and call the REST API per person.
    Do the same for SP Groups with a leading Send HTTP request action to get the id of your group. In the following example the SP group is called "AppAdministratoren":
    { return [[@Web.Url]] + "/_api/web/sitegroups/getbyname('AppAdministratoren')/id"; }

    And use the output of this exectued action as [[=[[@Actions.Send_HTTP_request_Get_AppAdministratoren_group_ID_.ResponseBody]].value]] in the next request that sets the permission: [[@Web.Url]]/_api/web/lists/getByTitle('ListName')/items([[ID]])/roleassignments/addroleassignment(principalid='[[=[[@Actions.Send_HTTP_request_Get_AppAdministratoren_group_ID_.ResponseBody]].value]]',roleDefId=1073741827)


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