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Modern Form - two new forms



  • Official comment
    skybow support

    Hi Ingo Bischofs,

    with the Solution Studio Update 06.10.2022 we've added a new 'Form' parameter in the URL to open non-default form (i.e [[@Web.Url]]/Lists/Contracts/Approved.aspx?ID=[[ID]]&Form=Approved) where Form should be the internal name of the form.

    This way you can open non-default forms from any page with a link.

    Kind regards

    skybow Support Team

  • skybow support

    Dear Ingo Bischofs,

    this is only possible using a skybow Action whether on a form or from a List Action in the command bar of the other list.


    Kind regards

    skybow Support Team

  • Henning Eiben


    well usually the URLs in SharePoint are build like this: https://[tenant][sitename]/[optional sub web]/[listname]/[formname].aspx. So if you would have list called "menu" and a new-form called "newquick" then the url would be: https://[tenant][sitename]/menu/newquick.aspx.

    You will notice, that you'll be redirected to a page hosted by skybow in order for the form to be rendered accordingly ... but that's a way to get the URL pointing to your custom form.




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