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Web pages created in Solution Studio are not being published to a target site



  • Vitalii Samchynskyi

    Hi Jay,

    Solution Studio supports two types of pages: classic page (Wiki Page only) and modern pages. The Site Pages library do not need to be added to the solution, only the pages themselves. After changing the content of the page, make sure, that it has been checked in and published (in the Site Pages itself). When packaging, the package includes all the pages that are in the solution. If you use a list view web part (classic page) or list component (modern page), then the source list must also be included in the solution. After publishing, you can check the history log whether everything has been published successfully.

    Is this an answer that you are looking for?

    Best regards,
    Vitalii Samchynskyi

  • JayT

    VitaliiSamchynskyi, that worked. Turns out I didn't have the page "checked in" on the source (dev site) before deploying to the target. Once I did that, the page deployed perfectly. 


    Thank you for the help!



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