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Conditional Expressions / Visibility - Hide/Show Fields based on Value of a Choice Field




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    skybow Support

    Dear Taylor Ram,

    thanks for reaching out to us.

    the skybow Expression language is based on plain JavaScript extended with our placeholders. To access field you can always use double brackets and the internal field name inside like this: [[internalfieldname]]

    The Expression Builder has 3 different expression types Template, Assignment and Function. Those are described on our introduction page here:

    If you want to type directly into the configuration textbox without opening the Expression Builder you can do that, but you have to take care about the first character which defines the expression type; = is used for an Assignment, { } are used for a function and if there is none of these it is evaluated as template text and only the placeholders are replaced.

    Your example is as easy as this: =[[Rework]]=="Yes"

    This will return true if rework is yes and it will show the column otherwise not. You could also put the 4 columns in a separate row or tab and add the visible expression just once on that control instead on every column the same.

    Please also find an interactive demo on the field expressions here:

    Kind regards

    skybow Support

  • Taylor Ram

    I absolutely appreciate the quick and thorough response! I am absolutely enthralled with yall's product at this point!

  • Matthias_Walter

    Hi Taylor Ram, thanks for this great feedback. Happy to hear that! 🤗

    You are always welcome to get back to us if you have any other questions.

    Kind regards



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