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URL within Get Items Action




  • Marko Unverzagt

    Hi folks,

    thank you for the Solution Studio update. The problem may be fixed. I'll test it soon.

    Greets Marko

  • Christof

    Hi Marko,
    yes, we fixed that issue based on your feedback with Solution Studio Update 02.02.2023 - let us know if it works in your case.
    BR - Christof

  • Taylor Ram


    I'd be curious to better understand how you are going about doing all of this. I've only been using Solution Studio for a week, and really trying to wrap my head around the best ways to go about connecting data in different locations, or simply data structure itself. What you described here sounds extremely similar to one of the Solutions I am trying to work through myself. 

    In the Solution I am trying to work through...

    1a. There will be a Master List of Construction Projects, with basic details about the Project. [Project Name or ProjectUID would be the filtering string. With what you described, possibly an aspect of the URL itself could be used instead.]

    1b. There will be multiple lists (Submittals, Purchase Orders, Subcontracts, etc.) which will have a 1-to-Many relation (1 Project-Many list Items). 


    2a. These lists will be filtered at the subsite level, to only show items from the particular project associated with that subsite.

    2b. Each Project will have 1000s of files, half of which will be associated to List items in the Submittals/Subcontracts list, but the files themselves will stored at the subsite level.

    [ Name]

    Figured I'd throw it out. I'd definitely be curious to understand how you are making something similar work!

  • Marko Unverzagt

    Hi Taylor,

    what i described above is more a "structure problem" to create solutions. I have three environments to create, test and provide a solution. 

    1. Development

    To create a solution, playing around with different approaches. My guess was to have a environment for all my solutions:

    and so on.

    2. Test Environment

    For a Test Team of the final users that use the productive solution:

    3. Production Environment

    So the problem with relative paths is that in dev and test you must go two levels up but in poduction its just one level. The button or list action get items uses relative paths and then it didn't work in my structure.

    To your problem: with skybow you can use data lookup fields within forms or use a get items action on form load, buttons or as list action to connect data. What is the best? That depends on your requirements. That is just one of the great features of skybow.

    One problem can be if you want your Subcontracts or another sublist in a subsite use as a choice field with data lookup you must specify an static url. The url cant be generated with expression builder. Maybe you can collect needed informations (for example title and contractor of subcontract) from the files/list items of all your subsites into a list project-details on the Masterpage and also save the url to the file/item in the project-detail-item.

    Greets Marko


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