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Get Item Action - Pull Specific Column Data



  • skybow Support

    Hi Dan Thale,

    with the action "Get Items" it could potentially return more than just one item and as an array. Therefore you would have to check if there are items in the array using .length>0 and then return the first element in the array and the internal field name as here:

    An alternative could be to use our GetFirstValueForQuery function in the Set Form Field action directly without using the Get Items first.

    Kind regards
    skybow Support Team
  • Dan Thale

    Thank you for the reply. I've tried both solutions and am not able get either to work. The second option gave me the error "One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete these fields." So, I'm focused on the first solution as I feel I'll have the most success there.

    Here is the XML version of my Get Items CAML Query which returns the correct employee. 

    The column data which I want to use is "HolidayHours" which is a number field. 

    Here is the assignment code for the Set Field Value that is triggered by a command bar action:

    [[@Actions.Get_items.Items]].length>0 ? [[@Actions.Get_items.Items]][0].HolidayHours : ""

    When I run the action, I just get a blank field. 

    Any other options to try?

  • Christof

    Your configuration looks ok.
    Make sure you select "Assignment" expression type for the expression you added to the Set Field Value action.
    "Assignment" expression starts with an "=" - so your expression should look like this in the end (without the leading "=" it's defined as "Template" expression): 

    =[[@Actions.Get_items.Items]].length>0 ? [[@Actions.Get_items.Items]][0].HolidayHours : 0
  • Dan Thale


    Thanks! It was set to assignment, but something was weird with the HolidayHours column. I deleted it, and recreated and now it's working. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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