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Triggered Actions - The list item could not be added (Item Id: 0)



  • Matthias_Walter

    Hi Taylor Ram,

    can you please tell me the field types of those column in the source list (List 1), but as well in the target list (List 2) if they are different.

    In SharePoint you have to set each field a little different e.g. text and choice fields can simply be set as template or assignment expression whereas most other fields have to be set as assignment or function expression to have a strict type.

    User Picker fields and Lookups are special, because you have to set them with an ID (integer). The user picker can also be set using the email address.

    Let's try to use =[[ReportOwner.Id]] in the "Delay reported by" column and if CrewType is a lookup, then try like this =[[CrewType.Key]]


    Kind regards


  • Kilgore ServiceAccount


    Much appreciated! Using ".Id" after a People Picker field did the trick. 

    This might be a limitation, as I feel I've tried to accomplish this with Power Automate in the past, and I couldn't find any related forum posts...

    Is it possible to "copy" Image type columns using the Add List Item action?

  • Matthias_Walter

    Hi Taylor Ram,

    you're welcome and great to hear that it works like this.

    The "new" image columns in SharePoint are kind of special as well how they store the value/image and therefore how you have to set it.

    To set such an image column and copy it over from another item's image column, you have to use an assignment expression as well using the following structure, where ImageColumn should be replaced with the internal field name of the image column to copy from:


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