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Choice - Multi-Select - Update Item vs REST vs Set Field Value



  • Taylor Ram

    Instantly after posting...

    Would a Get Items Action, to retrieve the current value(s), prior to the Update Item action step, potentially be a solution here? (The Update Item action would include the value(s) retrieve from the previous Action plus the new value that is to be set.)

  • Taylor Ram

    I have attempted all seemingly possibilities I found here on there forums [Variables, execute script, QueryList, GetValuesForQuery, etc] without much luck.

    The closest I have gotten is using Get Items, followed by Update Item, but I am running into an [Object object] issue. I am guessing I need to parse the array in someway.

    This is how it currently looks:

    Get Items CAML + test results

    Update Item

    Before Action Button Click

    After Action Button Click


    The desired output would be:
    ReworkImage2, DelayImage1, DelayImage2, ReworkImage1,AddWorkImage1, AddWorkImage2, Test1Image1, Test3Image1

    Any suggestions?

  • Christof

    Hi Taylor

    In general you'll get returned an array of object from the Get items action which you can loop over with the Loop: apply to each action or by your custom javascript code.
    Check the action output by log it into the console like this:



    Loop over the action output with custom code like this to concatenate some column values (i.e. the Title):

    [[@Actions.Get_items.Items]].map(item => item.Title).join(', ');



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