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Site dependent visible object



  • Christof

    Hi Dale

    There are several approaches for that case - best two that comes into my mind:

    1. Check the Web/Site URL
    Prerequisite: you have something in the site url you can differentiate prod from test site 
    Check if the current url contains specific text  like this:


    2. Configuration List Entry
    Create a (hidden) config list in the site.
    Create a list entry containing a Prod-Flag or a choice field System Type with values "Test" and "Prod" which you can set on each site different.
    To check this flag/value on the form's Visible Expression use the GetFirstValueForQuery function like this:

    =[[@Web.GetFirstValueForQuery('YourConfigList', '<Where>filter to get back the correct config list entry</Where>', 'YourSystemTypeFieldName')]]=="Prod"
  • Dale Zach

    Thanks Christof, this is just what I needed.


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