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How to modify the hover tooltip for choice column? Different description for each Choice



  • Matthias_Walter

    Hi Maria Giugno,

    technically those are buttons and you can get them via a property called aria-label and then simply set it's title as below:

    $('button[aria-label="Occupational injury"]').prop('title', 'Unexpected and unplanned occurrence, including acts of violence, arising out of or in connection with work which results in one or more workers incurring a personal injury, disease, or death.');

    Kind regards


  • Maria Giugno

    Matthias-Walter Whenever you have a moment, can you provide me with a little more details of how to apply this? I am struggling to get it to work.

  • Christof

    Hi Maria
    It's hard to trigger this at the right time for manipulation because the option values are not loaded on form load - the values are loaded dynamically when you click on the dropdown... Since there is no event for selecting/opening dropdown I would suggest you could probably use for your case a separate list with two columns "Title" and "Description" containing your values which you can show on the form as enhanced lookup with additional columns to show in the dropdown.

    Table "Incident Types"
    Title                                                               Description
    Occupational injury                                        Unexpected and unplanned occurrence, including acts of violence, arising out of...
    Occupational illness                                       An event or exposure that occurs in the workplace that causes or contributes to th...
    Non-work-related injury/illness                       An injury or illness that occurs as a result of a non-work-related event or expo...
    Near-miss                                                       An event or condition that, under slightly different circumstances, could lead to an oc...
    Environmental incident                                   An event that may cause harm or potential harm to the environment (e.g., air, w...

  • Maria Giugno

    Christof I appreciate your detailed response! I am going to try this today. 


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