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Action & Command Bar Buttons - Opening Dossier Sub-List Forms (with Relationship)



  • Taylor Ram

    And since I just re-read the response to a previous post of mine... Christof's response seems like it might be relevant to this scenario as well?

  • Christof

    Hi Taylor

    I can understand your use case. The mentioned answer in your last comment is not really relevant in that case since there the question is more about executing actions on button clock with workaround of opening a form and not the case of master-detail (parent-child, Dossier, case file, you name it) relation.

    The only automatically preset reference to the parent on form load is in the NewForm when using the standard "New" button from a sublist.
    So you got it right when you want have two NewForms: Place the list two times on your parent form to get two standard "New" buttons with different forms (maybe not a good experience for your use case) OR work with window variables to transfer the ID of the parent item to the NewForm and set it with Initial value expression on the Lookup field.

    Setting the window variable can be configured as an Execute script action on parent's form in the Form Load Actions:


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