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MANUALLY Set Person Field in Triggered Actions



  • skybow Support

    Dear Kilgore ServiceAccount,

    single person fields can be set in our background actions (scheduled or triggered -> update item action) using whether the email address only or the user ID if you have it. A person field is technically like a lookup field to a hidden user list.

    Kind regards

    skybow Support Team

  • Kilgore ServiceAccount


    Outside of Triggered or Scheduled Actions, how can I set a People/User field?! When you using Add a List Item or Update an Item, what is the possible methods for setting a Person field?

    I have tried:


    I know that [[User.Id]] was suggested, but that seems to be related to the particular List you are referencing... it is a 2 digit number, and is only useful when Updating an Item in the Current List.

    Is there a JavaScript method that can be utilized? Anything? This is a huge pain point.

    Any help is much appreciated!

  • Christof

    You can set the value for Person or Group fields by the user's Id.

    In case of current user: =[[@User.Id]]

    In case of a people picker (single) field: =[[PersonFieldName.ID]]

    Sample of a Add list item action on a button in form's command bar (field type in purple): 


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