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Support forms on mobile devices - Responsive Web Design Completed

25 votes 5 comments
Pass values from one action to next Planned

24 votes 4 comments
Using cross-site lists in a dossier Completed

23 votes 0 comments
GIT as solution storage

21 votes 0 comments
Security / Permission Management per Dossier Completed

20 votes 2 comments
Theme Designer availability in Solution Studio

20 votes 1 comment
New Accelerator “Scheduled Actions” Completed

17 votes 0 comments
A new Accelerator "Number generator"

17 votes 1 comment
Filter & order single / multiple lookup fields in lists / sublists Completed

16 votes 5 comments
New Action Type to generate a word document based on SharePoint data Completed

16 votes 0 comments
New Accelerator “Conditional Actions” Completed

16 votes 8 comments
Generate other file types that Word. E.g. XML, Excel/csv, PDF

15 votes 8 comments
Start to build a solution from an existing solution Completed

15 votes 2 comments
Generate PDF and save it to a document library

14 votes 0 comments
Solution Studio - Option to share solutions with colleagues Completed

14 votes 2 comments
Search-as-you-type and 'add new' option for lookup in Rich Forms

13 votes 2 comments
New action type to start a Microsoft Flow Completed

13 votes 1 comment
Custom css directly within rich forms without using new webparts Completed

13 votes 1 comment
Define foldername for documents in dossier

12 votes 0 comments
New Accelerator “Metadata inheritance” Completed

12 votes 0 comments
'Button with actions' layout

11 votes 4 comments
Dropdown - Search as you type Completed

11 votes 3 comments
Possibility to directly create a new Subsite for new Solution Completed

9 votes 0 comments
Add an Undo button in Solution Studio

8 votes 1 comment
Order Definition (Sorting) for Lookup Lists in Edit- & NewForms

8 votes 1 comment
Possibility to automatically delete Folder and Documents when Dossier is deleted

8 votes 3 comments
Possibility to manage List Content Types in Solution Studio

8 votes 0 comments
Easy option to align and size form elements

7 votes 0 comments
Omit/Skip confirmation dialog when clicking reset for search fields

7 votes 0 comments
Remove button for custom (edit/new/disp) form Completed

6 votes 1 comment