Cross Site Collection Lookup Completed

4 votes 1 comment
Change field label on Modern Forms

4 votes 3 comments
Conditional expansion of groups

4 votes 0 comments
Lookup-fields truely as read-only

2 votes 0 comments
Modify schedules without deployment

1 vote 0 comments
Filter for Choice-Fields

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Command Actions with Visible Condition Completed

1 vote 1 comment
Copy a "Button with action" in Modern Forms Completed

5 votes 1 comment
Possibility to run scheduled actions more often

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Allow conditional logic for 'Only Display' field group item in Rich Forms

1 vote 0 comments
Add function to check for site collection admin rights

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Systemupdate() bei Action "Update List Item" Completed

3 votes 1 comment
Pause/disable an action Completed

1 vote 3 comments
Generate PDF and save it to a document library

18 votes 3 comments
Pre- and Post-Deployment Actions

3 votes 0 comments
Connectable webpart unconnected after deployment

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Add ContentType and FileRef (etc.) to expression editor Completed

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Sublist items should have a lookup to parent case file

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Show the project name in the page title Completed

2 votes 1 comment
GIT as solution storage

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Omit/Skip confirmation dialog when clicking reset for search fields

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More advanced Query Editor

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Make a possibility to update internal field name value Completed

1 vote 1 comment
easy stateflow

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"Run script" scheduled action

5 votes 0 comments
Grouping all Solutions in Solution Studio

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HTML formatting to Word formatting in the document generator feature Not planned

3 votes 4 comments
Document Generation - Loop through a Multi-Value Lookup

2 votes 0 comments
Manage User in SharePoint Perrmission Groups from a SharePoint List

1 vote 0 comments
Security / Permission Management per Dossier Completed

20 votes 2 comments