In Development

Process Steps Visualization control for Modern Forms

A new control to visualize steps and phases of your process - easy and fast to configure.
How it could look like on a form in use (3 sample layouts):

New M365 Actions

We're continuously implementing and releasing new M365 (Graph API) Actions

SharePoint Add-Ins and Azure ACS retirement

Microsoft announced the discontinuation of SharePoint Add-ins and Azure ACS in 2026.

We are looking for an alternative for new solutions and a smooth migration path for existing solutions when using the skybow Solution Studio.


Selective Deployment for Add-In Deployment

The functionality Selective Deployment which was implemented for Direct Site Deployments will be provided as well for Add-In Deployments.

More Modern Forms enhancements

Field label configuration, possibility to embed Modern SPFx web parts, support Comments panel, add new terms to term store, location column.

Planner Integration in Forms

An integrated Planner View on Modern Forms with parameters to define Planner's source and other Planner functionalities.


More Lists & Library improvements on Modern Forms

Some ideas:
- Support Calendar view and Gantt formatting
- Persistent column widths and order (per user session)
- Edit in grid view and/or inlineEdit possibility
- Dynamic sublist header filters
- Context menu on list and library items containing edit, share, copy link, version history, check-in/check-out, download, copy to/move to, etc.
- Pin to top option for documents
- Support folder upload to form's library
- Document drag'n'drop within folders in tile view

Organization: Dashboards and Portfolio

Have an overview of running licenses and deployed solutions on environments in handy dashboards.

Dashboards comes with different view types: List, Tiles (existing) and Group By option with predefined and self-created groups/categories.

Possibility to perform actions on multiple solutions/deployments can be enhanced on these views (e.g. Update Solution Features, etc.).

Organization: User Management

Use Organizations and Groups to structure your teams working on solutions in Solution Studio. Create an organization and groups to define people that are working on the same projects or in the same department. Sharing of solutions and SharePoint tenants within your groups is pretty easy then.

Custom action possibility

Possibility for developers to extend the skybow Action Builder with their own custom actions.

Data Connectors: More sources

Currently the Data Lookup (Data Connector) on skybow's Modern Forms supports SharePoint lists and libraries from other site collections as source for a lookup control ("Cross-SiteCollection Lookup").

More Data Connectors to connect and select data from other sources than SharePoint is high requested in business cases (Ideas: MS Dataverse, SAP, MS Dynamics, SQL, etc.).
Therefore we're planning to implement other connectors (and controls) to bring that functionality to Modern Forms.

Solution Configuration Report/Documentation

What is part of the solution? Which features and functionalities where used? What was part of the last update (package)? How are things configured? Is there a documentation for this solution?

All these questions comes up from clients, colleagues and your manager. A solution report or documentation of a package can make configurations visible without navigating through the solution. 

Collaboration during Solution Building

A locking functionality on Forms and other editors prevents from unwanted configuration overwriting when working together on same solution.
Track configuration changes to a history list on solution level makes the history of work done on this solution visible.


Remote executed Triggered Action

A new type of Background Actions which can be triggered by URL or other predefined triggers from outside.