Launched Fully released features and updates on our live environments, available for all applicable customers.

In Development Features that are in development now.

Modern Forms enhancement: Form Load actions

Configurable actions executing initially when form loads.

Modern Forms Standalone SPFx webpart

At the moment skybow Modern Forms are only available as part of Solution Studio. Since there is a high demand on the forms feature only, we are working on an SPFx webpart which can be installed separately.

Planned Features that are planned and will come into development due to its priority.

Community Idea: Pass values from one action to next

Sometimes you need the result or a return value from a previous action. We will extend our action builder to simply access values from previous actions through the context objects.


Modern Forms (Dossier) enhancement: Formatting of sublist's and sublibrary's views

The view formatting configured in oob is as well applied on sublists and sublibraries on Modern Forms.

Future Features that are in discussion and will come in future.

More Modern Forms enhancements

Field label configuration, Conditional Formatting on fields and controls, different forms per Content Type, possibility to embed Modern SPFx web parts.

Organization: User Management

Use Organizations and Groups to structure your teams working on solutions in Solution Studio. Create an organization and groups to define people that are working on the same projects or in the same department. Sharing of solutions and SharePoint tenants within your groups is pretty easy then.

Organization: Dashboards and Portfolio

Have an overview of running licenses and deployed solutions on environments in handy dashboards.

New Feature: Set Permission

A new feature that provides functionality to set dynamic permissions on list items.

Integration possibility for 3rd party Add-Ins

Add-In architecture to integrate 3rd party vendors and it's Add-Ins.

Background features on premises

Making Background features and licensing work on premises (offline).

Solution Bundling

Possibility to offer and deploy multiple solutions bundled as one product.