Launched Fully released features and updates on our live environments, available for all applicable customers.

In Development Features that are in development now.

Solution Merge/Import

Possibility to merge/import configuration from another solution into the current one. If you've built something in a solution, you can easily import it into another existing solution by selecting the elements you would like to import.

PDF Conversion

Possibility to get a PDF as an output from the Document Generator action.

In addition a separate "Convert to PDF" action for office documents will be added to the action builder.

Planned Features that are planned and will come into development due to its priority.

Custom action possibility

Possibility for developers to extend the skybow Action Builder with their own custom actions.

Future Features that are in discussion.

Data Connector: More sources

Currently Data Connector on skybow's Modern Forms supports SharePoint libraries from other site collections as source for a lookup control ("Cross-SiteCollection Lookup").

More Data Connectors to connect and select data from other sources than SharePoint is high requested in business cases. Therefore we're planning to implement other connectors (and controls) to bring that functionality to Modern Forms.

More Modern Forms enhancements

Field label configuration, different forms per Content Type, possibility to embed Modern SPFx web parts.

Organization: User Management

Use Organizations and Groups to structure your teams working on solutions in Solution Studio. Create an organization and groups to define people that are working on the same projects or in the same department. Sharing of solutions and SharePoint tenants within your groups is pretty easy then.

Organization: Dashboards and Portfolio

Have an overview of running licenses and deployed solutions on environments in handy dashboards.

Modern Forms Webpart for Embedding

Embed your existing Modern Forms in Pages with this Webpart.