New Accelerator “Metadata inheritance”

Idea created by Matthias_Walter Employee on Sep 4, 2016

    In a "normal DMS project" it is understood that, within one huge data pot, every document is to be provided with metadata so that it can be easily found after it has been filed. We see this differently. We implement business solutions based on SharePoint and store the documents including the metadata in the corresponding apps. Of course, they can be found later using the powerful search provided by SharePoint including metadata refining. 


    These solutions have one thing in common: the biggest challenge is a company-wide metadata concept. Metadata is the prerequisite for a quick finding, evaluating, classifying and archiving of documents. 


    Now at this point, the IT world which would like to have all of the metadata within one document and the world of the end user who does not have the time to enter all of the metadata collide. 


    The results are catastrophic. The solution: An automatic metadata inheritance for SharePoint.