Fine grained permissions for theme designer

Idea created by JeroenS on Feb 10, 2017
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    • JeroenS
    • BartW
    • RosarioM

    As per feedback from Skybow support ,for normal work Theme Designer requires next permissions for user:
    - apply theme and border
    - apply style sheets
    - add and customize pages
    - add/edit/delete list items

    According to Default permission Levels ( Understanding permission levels in SharePoint ) you must grant at least Design and Edit permission to your users

    These permissions are for some customers to much, they are not trained enough to handle the design permissions on site level. The idea is to add another permission level where one user group will be the designers, needing the Design permission level, one user group will be ‘implementers’ and will be able to USE the configured designs within the Skybow rich forms (web) parts, not needing the Design permission level.


    The lack of granular permissions seems to be a show-stopper at one of our customers currently running a trial with Skybow rich forms & theme designer.


    Thanks in advance,



    Bart Wessels