Rich Views

Idea created by NikoB on Mar 24, 2017
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    • NikoB
    • PeterO

    I am impressed with the visual (and functional) capabilities for the New, Edit and Display forms using Rich Forms, but find flexibility in visual presentation of All Items (View) missing. Yes, one can add/delete columns and sort and search, but in essence it is a single web part holding a single filtered View of the List. This is a pity, because All Items is often the home page or landing page the user sees first and most. Screen real estate should be used effectively and it should look good. It would be great to have at least some flexibility in how one wants to present Views, call it 'Rich Views'. Note that Tabbed Pages comes closest, but it is not the same thing.


    -if I have a long list with items of which I want to show only 2 or 3 columns (e.g. Title, Type, Status) I do not want the standard view which occupies 20% of the screen width and requires scrolling down. Instead, I want 3 or 4 web parts side by side so that the screen is nicely filled and shows as many list items as possible without scrolling (in the left most web part item 1-25, in the one next to it item 26-50, etc.)

    -I may want to show 2 or 3 views of my list side by side simultaneously, each with a different filter, different columns, etc.