More advanced Query Editor

Idea created by JeroenS on Aug 3, 2018
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    • JeroenS

    When using the query editor I came across the following "missing feature": 


    When selecting a lookup column (drop-down) to be filtered, Skybow automatically selects the ID field to compare values. This is not always convenient and should be select able by the user (at least). The only way to change this is by going into the query field, copy the query to notepad (because the UI is just a single line text box), change the .ID to .VALUE and paste it back. After this, the UI for the query editor doesn't show the selected form field anymore but shows "Choose"... (Which is a bug in my opinion). 

    My request/ idea is to add a property picker next to the form field field picker. So first you select which form field you want to use, then you select which property of this field you want to use: ID or VALUE or something else.. This way the user get's to select the choice, not "Skybow in the background"



    Jeroen Schoenmakers