Fields by Site Column lookup - How to show additional fields with Site Column Lookup?

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Hi, is there any easy way to show fields added by lookup?
Additionally the lookup is not in the same site, but in parent SharePoint site, which is referred using [b]Site Column[/b], added by "Add from existing site columns"


as shown in the image above, I'd like to show "ProjectName", looked up from Project List in the parent site, matching with "Project Number".

Rich Forms does not show such fields under "Field".

(The field is read only by its nature. But SharePoint list shows these fields too, so our client expect that.)


A last resort would be -- writing code with REST api. if you already have sample of jQuery code for Initial value in Behavior section somewhere, that helps me...


--- b.t.w. the support by Vitaliy, Ardevia developer, this morning was really excellent. Thank you!