Insert webpart on customized form to separate web part zone.

Discussion created by ArdeviaForum on Aug 17, 2016

Original Post by Vitaliy Zadorozhnyy (Imported from Ardevia Forum)

Rich forms application supports inserting web parts into Rich Forms editor web part on free and pro editions.
It actually replaces  the out-of-box behavior of inserting web part into separate zone and insert web part to rich forms editor where you can freely move it and resize as any rich forms editor UI element (field row, group, save,cancel buttons...).  But some times it is needed to insert web part into separate zone like it is done out-of-box.
For example: web part does not look correct inside Rich forms editor, some functionality not working ?after inserting into Rich forms editor, consideration regarding layout or for any other reason.
To achieve this folllow next steps:

  1. Insert web part into Rich Forms Editor(using "Add a Web Part" button on a page or any other out-of-box shortcut).
  2. Delete this web part placeholder from Rich Forms Editor selecting it and pressing delete key or delete button on RICH FORMS ribbon tab->Layout Group.
  3. Save a page.
  4. Navigate to page again or refresh it.

After this done, web part appears in default zone. In this way it is possible to insert web parts using out-of-box logic.