General Licensing Inquiries - Some general licensing Q&A's

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I have read and understood what I could find on the licensing, but there are a few additional inquiries that I have as we review the product to decide if we should purchase.


  1. The license is a per user license to enable the full features. Users who are not licensed, will they be able to edit the form with the free features only whilst the licensed users would have all available options?
  2. If I had a license to use all features, is that license only good for one farm? Will I need to purchase a license for our development farm as well as another license for our production farm? We are also starting a project to move our current farms to a different site and therefore a new farm is being built. If I purchased a license now for our current farm, will I need to purchase a new license when we bring up the new farm?


In case environment setup impacts the answers, our setup is:


Three server farm located in the US.


Total of two separate farms, each with three servers (One in the US and one in Finland).


*Our relocation project will replace all the existing farms with two new three server farms located in Finland (one for development and one for production).


**All farms are using SharePoint 2013 On Premises.



Thank you,
Paul Wentink