Working on it... forever. and cannot fix it since Save never appears - How to workaround if we broke something and Rich Forms tab cannot be shown?

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Hi, first submission to this forum.


(1) Rich Form does not show content with the message "Working on it..." forever.
(2) The worst thing is, "Working on it..." forever when Customizing Rich Forms. Then
(2a) Tab for Rich Forms does not appear. So I cannot invest/fix the issue
(2b) SharePoint option for Page is Stop Editing only, and Save does not appear.


Which means once I made this error, there is no way to fix in regular method!!    
Is there any way to workaround this blockage?


[background information]
I know I put something wrong using JavaScript - in Behavior > Set Value > Using JavaScript.
I was testing a SharePoint list lookup using REST with getJSON. Also added Content Editor, also trying to load jQuery.


[More Info]
According to the F12 developer tool:  
(1) Got Error: Uncaught TypeError: jQuery._data is not a function
(2) After several minutes, debugger got unhandled exception.


Some hack via SharePoint designer to get rid of this deadlock? Currently Edit by SharePoint Designer is disabled.




Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you,