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In our test environment we have a requirement to modify OOTB SharePoint Forms. The form will be used create pricing documents which will then be converted to PDF and distributed to clients.


Infopath allows for these conditions it is called Repeating Section.


Is it possible to have a form section that would allow users to add one or many items? The best description I can provide is a std quote that we all see from vendors. These fields would be arranged from left to right.


First field user would complete would be Qty (Numeric value - 1 to X) Dept Field (Numeric Value determines which list product field would pull data from) Product Field (Lookup List Values - dependent upon value of "Dept Field") Subtotal (Currency - Value from product selection) Total (Qty X Subtotal)


Once these cells are completed a user could action a link or control that would then insert an additional array of the same fields to add another item, thus repeating the section?


I know this data has to be dumped to the list - I am hoping this can be accomplished and perhaps xml values call be saved somehow, and then recalled and displayed for editing if the user needs to edit the form values.