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Good day,


I have a simple problem with automatic checking radio buttons:


I made a example list to show the problem:






The DropDown field got values of "1" and "2", radio button fields are "ab" and "cd" as you can see. I need to get the radio buttons automatically checked when choosing the dropdown, example:


when choose dropdown "1" check radio "ab", when dropdown "2" check radio "cd".


I solved this problem with a simple function code and returning "ab" or "cd".


But I need to have it solved without the values "ab" and "cd", I need to check them for example with (check radio button 1, or check radio button 2).


I tried it with this line:
jQuery('span[fieldname=DropDown] input[type=radio]')[0(or 1)].checked = true;


This code works ONLY when i use the "Test" button in the expression builder, and it works only ONCE. I need it to work in the new form and always while I'm changing other values.


Its because in my case i have 60 radio button fields, and its unnecessary to make the formula for every value.


Thanks in advance!