Ability to use Additional Fields from a Lookup Field

Discussion created by ArdeviaForum on Aug 19, 2016

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Recently I was working with three SharePoint lists, Orders, Purchases, Bill To.
I wanted to add the fields from the Build To list to the Orders list.
I selected the Bill To Company and wanted to add the additional fields that are associated the Bill To Company Name, such as address, city, country etc.



When you check off the additional fields, they show up in the SharePoint list as Bill To:Address, Bill To:City, Bill To:Country, etc.
When you try to add these fields to the Ardevia form that you are creating they do not show up in the Field list from the Field option in the ribbon of the Ardevia product.


Is there a way to use these fields within the Ardevia forms product? Having the ability to use these fields in your form would be a great feature to have as it would populate information in other fields based on the selection of the primary field.


Would having the ability to use these additional fields also not solve the issue of Cascading fields? In my opinion, if you could work this into your product it would be amazing!


Thank you