Expression for checking if any sub-list entries have been made on the form - Needing to start a specific workflow if new items have been added to the sublist on my form

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Hoping someone can help with this....


Can I please have some code that compares the number of items and the values in those items when I came to the form and compare it with the number of items and values in those items at the time I click on the Form Submit button.


I have 2 sublist on my form, the first one is called top-ups and has two columns Description and Amount, the second is called transactions and has 3 columns Supplier, Date, Amount.


What I need to do is determine whether anything in these two sublists has changed since coming to this page so that I can do nothing if there are no changes, can submit workflow 1 if top-ups only have been changed/added, can submit workflow 2 if transactions only have been changed/added or submit workflow 3 if both top-ups and transactions have been changed/added.


I only really need to check the Amount columns to see if anything has been changed in an existing row.


Thanks in Advance