Pop Up Message Window - Adding a pop up message window against the Save button

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I am wanting to use Ardevia forms to do the following:


I have a SharePoint 2013 on premise installation that has a custom list for dealing with purchase orders.


The form that I have created for this list is done with Ardevia Rich Forms Pro. I would like to know if I can create a pop up message on the Ardevia form that confirms with the user if they have selected the correct account when they click on the Save button in the form.


In this message box I would also like to have either an OK button or another Save button. If I can only have an OK button, would this then complete the saving process for the user when they click on it?


If the user is not sure if they have selected the right account there has to be a button for the user to return to the form.


An example of what I would like to do is either seen below or a link is there.


Example Pop Up Message Box


Any help on this would be appreciated