Issues with Audience Targeting enabled - Enabling Audience Targeting on list makes NewForm (customized) behave abnormally

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Original Post by Rui Fernandes (Imported from Ardevia Forum)

Recently my customized forms stopped working as expected and seems to be related with the Audience Targeting feature, that was enabled on the list. Everything seems to be working if I disable it, but this may be needed to be enabled in the future.


I'm running 2 versions of Ardevia on 2 site collections:
site1: Version:
site2: Version:


I have a list on both sites with Newform customized, with a button with the following action:
1-Save Form
2-Execute script - alert([[ID]]);
3-Redirect to url - to EditForm concatenating the [[ID]]


On site1: Item gets created but page is redirected to AllItems view without even displaying the alert.
On site2: Item doesnt get created but the alert shows an ID which matches the maximum ID on the list (very odd)


Note: Execute script doesnt really work on Version:, but I've just added alert on the Redirect action script function.


Please note that the forms work on both versions if Audience Targeting is disabled.


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