Licensing for Test tenant in O365? - In an Office 365 scenario, how does licensing work for Dev, Test and so on

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One of my customers wants to start using the Ardevia app (the Pro version) using perpetual user licenses.
I understand that a license is needed for each user who will edit the forms (not for viewing/using the forms). My question is about the scenario where Development and Test are done on different tenants.
If I read the notes on licensing correctly, then the scope of the license is limited to (the sites within) a tenant. Which makes sense, since you need to activate the App per tenant from the App store.


The Development tenant is a personal developer tenant based on an MSDN subscription. The Test tenant is a 'regular' O365 tenant.
Can you confirm that this means we need separate user licenses for Development and Test and Production tenants? I'm asking because the editing of forms on the Test tenant will mostly be done by the same people who edit forms on the Production tenant.


For example, suppose the following:
- there are four people editing forms, user A, B, C and D
- user A edits forms on his developer tenant
- user A and B edit forms on the Test tenant
- user B, C and D edit forms on the Production tenant


In this example I would need 6 user licenses, is that correct? Or is there some way to re-use the license across a Tenant if it's the same person editing the forms?