Loading Default Information into a sub-list - Creating a New User Request form and I would like to copy profile information into a sub-list

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I am creating a new user request form and would like to be able to load profile information in a lookup table that could be used to populate a sub-list on my form.


The profile information stored in the lookup table relates to the department that a user works in and contains information about what systems they need access to. For each department, there are multiple rows with different systems on each row.


When the user is being created on this form, the department they work in is selected from our term store and it is the department that determines the system access.


Lists  are like this:


User -  User ID
        Department (from Term Store)
        and other information about the user


Profile - Department (from Term Store)
          System (Lookup)
          Project (Lookup)
          Level of access (Choice)


User-Profile (Sub-list on the form)
          User  ID
          System (Lookup)
          Project (Lookup)
          Level of Access (Choice)


Is this possible at all?