Month Column conditionally enabled - Need to enable month columns in a sublist based on another form value

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I have a field in my primary list that specifies a project start period with a value from 1-12.


I also have a sub-list that has monthly columns I can enter amounts in to, but only if the period related to the month is >= project period, ie I can't allow entry of amounts if the monthly column occurs before the project start period.


For example our financial year runs from July through to June. July has a period month of 1, August a period month of 2 etc....


If the Project start period was 3 indicating a project start date in August, then I shouldn't be able to enter values for June and July.


I have tried to add a calculated expression to the individual sub-list columns but it applies the first column expression to the entire sublist.


The current enabled assignment expression on the first sub-list column is [[Period]]<1.


Could you please advise what expression I should be using in this case.