Minimum Sub-List item value - Minimum Sub-List item value

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I have a Travel Requisition form that consists of the Travel Requisition List and 3 sub-lists, Flights, Accommodation and Car Hire. Each of these 3 sub-list items has a start date entered by the user but I need to find the earliest date out of all the items entered in those sub-lists to determine the travel start date.




AKL-BNE 01/09/2016
BNE-AKL 10/09/2016


Car Hire


BNE 01/09/2016
CNS  04/09/2016




BNE 01/09/2016
CNS  04/09/2016


Although several of these items will return me the minimum date, I need to check the minimum for each sub-list to be sure I get the earliest date.


Is this possible?


Thanks Sandy