Copy sublist form contents to another sublist - How do I copy the sublist contents on a form to another sublist

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I have been able to copy a single list contents to another list by using the create list item functionality, however, I now have a new form that has a sublist attached to it that I need to include in a copy of to another main list and sublist.


I need to make sure that the referential integrity is maintained when I do this, so in effect I could use a similar looking form on the destination list and see the exact same information as on the source list.


As an example:


Main List


Activity Name
Activity Type


Sub List


Linked ID to Main List


eg ID on Main List = 100, ID on Sub List = 500, Sub List Linked ID to Main List = 100


The destination lists will be identical to the source lists.


Because I also might want to link to the destination list from the source list, I will also need to be able to store the destination list ID for the main list in the source list.

Any assistance you could provide with this will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks Sandy