Get Values from another list

Discussion created by sangel40 on Nov 8, 2016
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Query to retrieve all columns from a list based on a defined value  and  maximum date value


I am building an employee wages calculation form that I would like to pre-populate with the details from the previous year employee wage  form as a starting point so that I don't have to repeat the entry of all fields.


The List is called Employee Wage and the variable that I do know is the employee number. To get the latest copy of the employees wage form I would need to get the maximum effective date. Once I have identified the correct row, I then want to pull back all of the details to pre-populate. Some of the fields on the list (and there are about 40 of them) include gross wages per annum, net wages per annum, net wages per week, tax withheld, tax rate etc.


How would I extract all of this information from a skybow form, I am assuming it would be either the getvaluesforquery or the querylist. 


Any guidance on the confirmation that this is a method to fetch this information and how the query would be formatted given the information above.