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Rich Forms - Display Form not working

Question asked by sangel40 on Dec 12, 2016
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I have recently upgraded from to and have noticed a couple of things that are now not working. The most important issue is that I have a form for a list and also on the form I have a sublist. I am able to successfully use the newform and editform but when I lick on the dispform, it shos the name of the list but not the form. This has happened on one form but another form works fine.


Steps were:

No changes at all were made to the form.

I clicked on View Item.

Empty page is displayed.


The other issue relates to some function code that I have where I test a value on the main list and then change the column name on the sub-list column dependent on the value.

var val = [[Currency_x0020_Code]] == 'AUD' ? 'GST Inclusive Amount':'Amount';
return [[Currency_x0020_Code]];


Any help you can provide would be appreciated.