Store attachments in Document Library

Discussion created by sangel40 on Jan 11, 2017
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I have a Skybow Form that is related to a primary list and a sublist, for the purposes of this question lets assume they are called MajorList and MinorList, with the MinorList being the sublist.


For this form I need staff to attach their receipts for an expense claim, which is possible using Skybow forms, I don't necessarily need to have them attach  a receipt to each MinorList line, though this would be great if I could do this.


Once I have the receipt attached, where is this stored, from what I can see it isn't stored in a Document Library but internally in Sharepoint somewhere.  How could I go about storing the attachment in a document library, it can still stay attached to the form but also be stored in another document library with some metadata from the form applied so that any point I can get a list of all receipts that a single person has supplied for a period, so metedata would need to include the Staff member, the date, the purpose etc and perhaps an expense type. Is this possible and how could I achieve this?