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Email all people in a sub-list

Question asked by sangel40 on Apr 7, 2017
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I have a form that allows the entry of a prime contact so that when certain actions are initiated a sharepoint workflow sends an email to the prime contact.

In this form I also have a sublist that contains the names of other people associated with this form. There is only one column in the sublist 'Participant' that is a person / group type of column. On the occasion when I need to email everyone in that sublist, can I do this through the actions in Skybow Rich Forms by looping through the sublist? How would I do this?


I realise that I could just have a column on the primary list that is a person group column that allows multiple entries but then I would need to extract the email address from the first entry in that column and email them for specific events. But not sure how I would do this on the occasion when I need to email everyone in that column.


Grateful for any suggestions