Advanced form saving/ reading 2 lists

Discussion created by TomaszP on Jun 19, 2017
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Hello community!


I am just getting familiar with Rich Forms add-in and I would like to ask you if the scenario described below can be done (if yes - how?) using the app.


I have two lists - "Meetings" and "Room reservations". Meeting is a "header" for the room reservations and therefore one Meeting can hold one or more Room reservations.


I would like to create a form, where requester can type the Meeting details (which then should be saved to the "Meetings" list) and then click to add one or more block, holding group of fields:

  1. Reservation from
  2. Reservation to
  3. Room

To define list of rooms and their reservation time spans. That list of rooms should then be saved to the "Room reservations". Moreover I would like to somehow attach a script, that would filter out rooms, which are not available for the chosen time-span.


Then, when a Meeting form is displayed/ edited, list of related room reservations should be available as well.


Any input is welcome