Issues with upgrading to Rich Form

Discussion created by sangel40 on Oct 14, 2017
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I have recently upgraded one of my sites to use the latest version of Skybow Forms

Here are some of the issues I have experienced.....

If I don't access the Rich Forms editor and I happen to have a sublist on the form, the only thing displayed is a list of all items in the sublist, not the form itself. If I then go in and edit the form using the Rich Forms editor, I see the entire sublist at the top followed by the Rich Form without the sublist inside it. It would be very time-consuming to re-add as I have multiple expressions on the columns in the sublist.


Where I have a form with no sublist, it seems to work ok, but when there is a sublist and I try to import the backup copy of the form, the form is nested within itself up to eight times.


For most of my forms I also have forms other than he Default, New, Display and Edit forms.

Any assistance would be appreciated.