Verifying required fields before executing script

Discussion created by HeikkiS on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by HeikkiS

I have set some fields mandatory in Skybow (Required = true). When user clicks Save, several things start happening.

In my workflow, if user leaves a required field empty, everything before "Save forms" is executed even though it should not, if some required fields are empty. It looks like validation takes place only when form is saved. So added "Save Form" as a first step and another save before redirect. But this resulted in two order rows in my list. 


I figured out a work-around where I first save the form, then delete it, and after all steps are completed, then I save the final form. This workflow shows error messages of empty but required fields and I get only one order row in my list.  But is there a better way for validating the fields before executing the steps?