Button saves form ignoring condition

Discussion created by HarryD on Mar 1, 2018
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I have a form on a list and certain fields need to be mandatory, I have three actions on my "Submit" 


1) Information

2) Save

3) Redirection


The condition for the save "information" action is to to show a message informing the user to fill in the missing fields, that works. 


Save checks if everything has been filled and if an attachment has been added to the list item .


Redirection check the same condition and redirects the user to the display form.


My problem at the moment is that when I try to submit something without the required fields I get the warning from the information action but save and redirection completely ignores the condition and goes ahead to try and save the item anyway.


The condition looks like this :


[[Title]]!="" && [[InvoiceNo]]!="" && [[DealName]]!="" && [[Recommender]]!="" && [[Supplier_x0020_Name]]!="" & [[InvoiceDate]]!="" && [[CAPEX]]!="" && [[Currency]]!="" && ArdeviaJQuery("#idAttachmentsRow").is(":visible")


Any ideas why is this not working ?