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Document Generation - Loop a sublist inside the loop of another sublist

Question asked by p.misurec on Apr 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by Matthias_Walter

Dear all,






Is it currently possible to loop a Sublist inside another Sublist while maintaining the context of the parent item, or to filter the elements of the inner loop accordingly?


E.g. 3 Lists

- Class

- Attendees (Lookup to Class)

- Events (Lookup to Class)


The result should be a generated Document which displays all attendees of a specific class with the corresponding events. The first part (attendees) is easily achievable since Skybow allows to loop through a Sublist , whereas the loop inside this first loop returns ALL events, instead of the correctly filtered elements, with no possibility of changing that.


[[loop attendees]][[end loop]] works perfectly but

[[loop attendees]][[loop events]][[end loop]][[end loop]] does not.






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