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sublist validation (date and person field)

Question asked by JelleD on May 23, 2018
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I am looking for a solution to validate user entry on a sublist.
The problem I am currently struggling with is that I have a form with a sublist which performs a Save Action but when Date and / or Person field data is not entered / validated the Form saves and all entered sublist data is gone/not saved.

You can understand that this is frustrating especially from user perspective

On the sublist (implemented as the RichForms Sublist component  [QuickEdit mode] )  I have to fill in 4 fields (title, Action due date, Action holder and action status) .
I can fill in whatever I want in both the Action Due Date field (e.g. different date format) and the Person Field, so far so good.
But once ready with entering data I want to save the form (parent) and it saves all data except the rows with wrong/not validated entries in the sublist.
In Short; my sublist data is not saved when Date fields and/or person fields are not validated.  I also do not see a warning or error message.


Does anyone have any suggestion/solution on how to check the sublist items before the form (parent) save is performed?


thanks in advance,