combine old and new data in calculated column

Discussion created by amie_peterson on May 16, 2018
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Hi everybody,


I'm new to skybow so sorry if I don't use the right technical terms.  

I have a task list for time management. It contains the columns worked hours and total hours worked. Each day/week you put in how many hours you worked on a task, I then want the hours you just put in in worked hours to be added to total hours worked.



Monday, started working on the task. Worked 5h: You edit the task and put in 5h in Hours worked. Then total hours worked updates to 5h

Wednesday, worked 3,5h: put in 3,5h in Hours worked (in the form the Hours worked should be empty, not see the number hours that was put in on Monday). Total hours worked updates to 8,5h

Friday, worked 7 h: Put in 7h in Hours workedTotal hours worked updates to 15,5h


Any suggestions?