EditForm Library fails on save by adding a new document

Discussion created by JelleD on Nov 20, 2018
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Dear Community,

I am struggling with a simple editform on a simple documentlibrary.
Problem is that it will not save a document after adding the metadata for a new uploaded document. This only happens when I use a custom Skybow editform. This behaviour only happens when adding a new document. In case of editing an existing document the form works well.

My Library looks like the following
- Default Document contenttype
- two additional list columns : "CAPEXForm" [Yes/No]  and "IDCAPEX" [Number]

- versioning enabled (only major versions) , no approval required, no check-in / check-out required.

Steps to reproduce it (with a customized Skybow form, without any logic!):

Upload a new document, first form (the not customized newForm for the library) works well. NewForm
After clicking op the EditForm opens, because of my additional fields. After adding my additional value, I click on Save and the editForm hangs (working on it....) and does not save the entered metadata.

I can only Cancel this window. The document is uploaded, but not with the desired metadata.

When I set the editForm back to the SharePoint default editForm all works well.
So to me it seems something in the Skybow editForm.



-- environment --

SharePoint 2013
Skybow RichForms 3.27.8


I have already tried creating new libraries with same setup, but every time it fails saving a new uploaded document when using a custom Skybow editForm.



Any ideas or any suggestions are much appreciated.