Change year value into string

Discussion created by igerz01 on Feb 4, 2019
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I have a simple list with a date field, named "Deadline", and a single line of text field named "Year".

Whenever the value of the "Deadline" field changes, I want to have the year of it in the separate field "Year".

For this, I'm using Rich Forms (version

Within the NewForm.aspx I marked the "Year" field, and inserted the following code to calculate the field value:


var date = new Date([[Deadline]]);

return date.getFullYear();


While testing the code, I get the following result:



The year is returned as figure/number and not as a string (instead of "2019" the value "2 019,00" is appearing).

Can somebody tell me what I'm missing in my code?


Thanks for your help.