Skybow Rich Form with repeating section

Discussion created by cemt on Sep 6, 2019
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I am trying to desing a form with repeating section(table). It is like a material order form from WareHouse. My fields are;


Title Name Surname Cost_Center Date


(repeating section)

Title MaterialName MaterialQuantity QuatityType


I have realized as sublist for repeating section are. But this time I can not make relation between the lists. I mean I have got two custom lists so 1 list show Title Name Surname Cost_Center Date  and the 2nd list shows every records of my repeating section. If I can make equal the "Title" fields in the 2nd form with 1st part of my form then the records will be related. I am also using Nintex WF and I only can update Title just for 1st part of my form.


Any idea?